Wigs: Trial 2, Demop Hair Shop, Oxford

Saturday after my first treatment, my dear friends Angela Swann and Caroline Lynagh took me wig shopping in Oxford. We went to a wonderful place called Demop Hair Shop, London Road, Oxford.

They were very friendly and helpful and despite being completely busy with haircuts in the shop. Even though I didn’t have an appointment, they took me and my friends to a back room to try on the hair pieces.

Apparently they are no longer called wigs . . . Hairpiece is the politically correct term now.

Demop is one of the stores that is allowed by the NHS. What that means is there are certain wigs you can get on the NHS from this shop or you can get an NHS discount towards a better hair piece from here. I do recommend calling ahead for an appointment.

Be prepared to laugh, I certainly did. By the way, I do have pictures of Angela and Caroline trying on the wigs as well. I’d love to show everyone, but I’m afraid that Cancer would be nothing to their wrath if I posted those pictures! 😉 I love you guys.