Midlife Crisis or Smart transport for going to Doctors Appointments?

I always wanted a convertible. Since children are no longer in my future, I don’t need a practical car.

Sunday morning I woke up, found a car for sale online. Went to the train station, paid £82 for a round trip ticket. Took three trains, and a taxi to Neston (another £20). Met the salesman, test drove the car I liked for about 15 minutes, all with the top down. Tried to negotiate, got one year’s worth of MOT. Paid a £300 deposit, then took a taxi back to Chester (another £20), and repeated my journey home.

Now I am the proud owner of a 2009 MX-5 Mazda, power shift, hard top convertible.

Yep, this cancer stuff is expensive.

Yes, that is one of the last times you will see my real hair.
Yes, it is worth it. I love this car.