Chemo: Cycle 5 – Penultimate

By now I feel like a veteran pro with chemotherapy. I have my routine down. Shower, dress in comfy clothes. Pack a lunch. The NHS does provide lunch and snacks, but sometimes they aren’t what I fancy. With my tastebuds completely out of whack, I now struggle to find food that appeals.

When I first started having chemo, the funny taste lasted only a few days, then everything was back to normal. Now I have a constant taste of chalk, sour milk with a hint metal. It fades the further away from treatment I am, but this time, it didn’t completely disappear.

They gave me two buckets to soak my arms so that my best veins would pop out.

It must have worked. The nurse, Valentina, did an excellent job and got my cannula in first time.

I was able to do a little work on pictures from my holiday the week before. Yes I survived a long haul flight to the Caribbean. Best decision ever. Although I probably should have gone before Cycle 4. My energy never really came back to 100% after Cycle 4.

After my treatment I met work colleagues for dinner. The last good tasting meal I’ll have for a while.

This treatment made it hard to sleep, well it was that or the hot weather. But then at 1am, it felt like my skin was on fire. I tried my standard of cold wet towel on my skin, but that only worked one area that the towel was on. So I ended up having a cold shower about 2am and again at 3:30am. That and a glass of cold milk seemed to calm the fire on my skin and in my stomach.

I finally fell asleep at 4am, but was awake at 6:30am.

I’d love to hear from anyone that has experience and can offer any solutions or advice. You can be a survivor, doctor, healer or shaman.

Too bad its not a manicure treatment.

Dinner with work colleagues after my treatment. My nurse dog Roxie always enjoys going out. Branca is very dog friendly.